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Hello Real Estate Professional, Aryan this side from Gajularamaram, Hyderabad; an 8 Years of Expert in Online Leads Generation.

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I have a Question for you, as a Real-Estate Professional, why should you depend completely on Expensive Online-Portals like Magic-bricks, 99-Acres, Common floor, etc; even when you can easily & quickly generate Cheap, Quality & Relevant leads for your Properties via your Own Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads Campaign???

So, I have written below complete steps to generate Unlimited Leads on your Own… Let me tell you one thing, today or tomorrow, one day you need to beleive in Digital Marketing, since I can’t find a single Man now a days, without a Smart-Phone.. Hence, Digital Marketing is the only way to reach your Relevant Target Audience perfectly! So, instead of delaying and loosing profits daily, lets start getting Leads today!

This complete package will be delivered to you in 3 Phases:

“Real Estate Funnel-Sales is a comprehensive and step-by-step process that effectively starts from attracting leads and finally converting these leads into sales. The process involves creating a blueprint of the entire sales funnel, crafting compelling text content, images, and videos, building a targeted landing page, driving traffic through whatsapp blasts and paid ad campaigns, retargeting visitors through whatsapp, Facebook, and Google re-marketing campaigns, and automated Remarketing until they finally get converted to a sale”

1st Phase :

In first phase (2 Days) we will do your Complete Facebook & Instagram Ads work and you will start receiving leads instantly frok the 2nd day directly on your WhatsApp.

2nd Phase:

During second phase (7 Days) we will create your Complete Website including WhatsApp Chatbot, Facebook Ads & Google Ads Remarketing Automation.

3rd Phase:

We will give you a 2 Hours of Online training 1 to 1 on Anydesk or Google Meet, to help you understand all the system of Leads Generation, install all the required Apps on your Mobile so that you will have complete control of all the Ad Campaigns, when to start, when to pause, & how much to invest in Ads, as well as you can check all the reports instantly, with out depending on us or anyone.

Below are the Steps & SOP that we follow while handing your
Leads Generation Process

Creating Content & Creatives #1

The first step is to create high-quality content & creatives that will attract potential leads. Here are the types of content we will create:

Text Content:

Initially we will write Complete Content for your Website-cum-landing-page including About-Us, Mission, Vision, Contact US & Details of your Project. We will also write content for your Facebook & Instagram BIO, and write YouTube Channel's Description too.


We will create Facebook & Instagram Profile Pic and covers for Facebook Page & YouTube Channel. Will will then remove the background of the Properties Images you provide to us, and edit it to make it more attractive, and then finally create Graphic Creatives to be used while running your Facebook & Instagram Ads.

Video Content:

We will create Video Ads for Facebook, Instagram & YouTube Video Ads Campaigns.

Building Your Online Presence #2

Now that we have all the content ready, it’s time to build your online presence. Here are the platforms we will use:

Facebook Page:

We will create Facebook Business Page with all advanced settings to get organic visitors through SEO, and post all your Project Images, Videos & Offers; regularly to keep the page optimized & healthy.


We will create a very Advanced Website-cum-landing page, with all advanced settings to get organic visitors through SEO, SSL-secured, Mobile-Optimized, Fastest-Loading landing page with a Multi-Level form to gather information about the customer's preferences, and a click-to-WhatsApp button for direct communication on your WhatsApp, integrating Gallery View Slide Show of Images & Videos of your Properties & News Articles related to your area Real-Estate. We will also install Facebook and Google re-targeting codes on your landing page to retarget your landing page visitors with different content and creatives, again and again, until these visitors convert into leads and finally, into a sale.

Instagram Professional Account:

Similar to Facebook Page, we will create Instagram Professional Account with all advanced settings to get organic visitors through SEO, and post all your Project Images, Videos & Offers; regularly to keep the account optimized & healthy.

YouTube Channel:

We will create a Professional YouTube Channel with all advanced settings to get organic visitors through SEO, & post Video Ads in YouTube Shorts Section with proper YouTube SEO to gain maximum views.

Running Paid Ads #3

Next, it’s time to run ads to reach a wider audience & generate leads, and to achieve this immediately we need to run Paid Ads. Here are the types of ads you can run:

Google Display Ads:

With the help of Google Display Ads, we can showcase our Products Images & GIFs to our Product's Category based Websites.

Facebook Ads:

We will create Image, Carousel & Video Ads to Target people based on their demographics, interests, and behaviors. We need to try different audiences to conclude which type of audience is really interested in our projects. We will target different Ages, Locations, Interest, their Assets, Competitior’s Pages they have liked & more unique & our secret strategies.

Instagram Ads:

We will use the same strategy as we did in Facebook Ads, but will also include Instagram Reels Ads.

YouTube Ads:

In Youtube Ads, we will target specific YouTube Channels or specific YouTube Video related to Real-Estate of your City. We will also target the "People actively searching for Properties" option provided by youtube ads.

Retargeting #4

Now, Retargeting is the Most Brilliant way to generate sales. Just take an Example: To bring a New Visitor to our Website via Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Display Ads, or Youtube Ads; we need to show our Ad to 100 Facebook/Insta/Youtube Users, of which only one or two will visit. Let’s assume 1 View cost us 10 Paise. So for 100 Views, we spent ₹10, of which we got 1 Visitor to our website, which means this 1 Person might be interested in our Project, hence 1 Website Visitor Cost = ₹10. Now, we all know, no one would immediately buy any Property just by seeing its Ad once. Hence we need to show our different Ads and offers to this specific visitor again and again, until he/she makes a purchase. The best part is that, the Retargetting cost is also the same i.e. 10 Paise, hence whereas we spent ₹10 on unknown people who are not showing any interest, but this time with the help of Retargeting Ads, we can again show our different ads to the same interested visitor that too only at 10 Paise that is One-Hundredth of the cost we initially spent! For Retargeting, we will get Interested Audience or Interested Visitors Data from different platforms; like our Website Visitors & specific Landing-Page visitors, Facebook Page Visitors & people who have liked our Page, Instagram Account visitors, and those who have subscribed our YouTube Channel. The best part is that, we can Retarget those people who have watched our Video for more than 70%, which means these viewers might also be interested in our Products, so only they have watched our Video for above 70%. To retarget all these Premium Interested Audience we will use WhatsApp Marketing, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads & Google Display Ads. By following these steps, we will create a complete Leads-to-Sales-Generation-Funnel for your Business, so that customer gets fixed in our Spider Web.

Lead-View APP: We will also provide you a 3rd Party Mobile App on which you will receive all the leads we have generated from Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads Leads Forms & Website Forms.

Additional FREE-bies from our Side:

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